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Title: RGH Butler v1.0 Step By Step Tutorial
Post by: Swizzy on 20 July 2013 15:02:44

As many of you will probably know, the RGH (Reset Glith Hack) even if it is the best modding choice out there, has many differents booting times, that could highly change by many factors: The bitstream, the CPU-Reset and Post-Out cables lenght and position, the resistors and capacitors and of course also the Modder's Hands.
primo1337 and sk1m0, from XBOXHACKS.DE have made a very interessing stuff, called the RGH BUTLER.

The Butler will help you to check your console's boot time by analyzing many booting sequences and creating a full reports with most of stats you'd need to know for properly setup your console.

On the software-side that process is made by a fully customizzable Java GUI, but remeber that you will also need an UART Reader (like CK3i or X360USBPRO V2).

Well, after that small introduction is now time to begin the Butler's Build Process, good luck :)

Tools Needed:

Downloads Needed:
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First thing that we have to do is program the ATtiny2313 microcontroller (build by Atmel). To easily complete this step i've used a small breadboard and a USBasp AVR programmer.


This programmer is very cheap and easy-to-use, you could buy a brand new version for a very low price or build it by yourself following this diagram:



Lets connect the programmer to any USB port on the PC


Now we have to install the USBasp Drivers (link is at the beginning of the tutorial), if everything will go fine you will now see USBasp under "LibUSB Devices"


We are now ready to assembly all the stuff by following these pictures (please take care of switching the output voltage to 5V by using the onboard jumper)






Now that everying is correctly setted up lets connect the programmer to the PC and download WinAVR-20100110. After that lets move into the RGH-Butler folder (extracted from the Rar Archive) and then do the same with "AVR Hex File" folder.
Right click on an empty space of the folder while pushing "SHIFT" button and choose "Open a Command Prompt here".
On the CMD, type "avrdude" and if everything was setted up fine you should be able to see all the parameters.

Now type the following command:
avrdude -p t2313 -P usb -c usbasp -U flash:w:RGHBUTLERV1.HEX

If everything is working find you will see the following output:


(please double check this string: "vrdude: 1508 bytes of flash verified")

Last thing we have to do is to properly setup 3 fuses (LFUSE as 0xFF, HFUSE as 0xDF and EFUSE as 0xFF).

NB: After that operation the onboard oscillator will be disabled and the only way to reprogram the ATtiny2313 will be by using an external OSC.

Type the following command:
avrdude -p t2313 -P usb -c usbasp -u -U lfuse:w:0xFF:m -U hfuse:w:0xDF:m -U efuse:w:0xFF:m

And check if your output is equal as this pic:


Congrats, you are now ready to use the Chip, lets move on to the next step :)

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Here it is the Butler's Diagram:


NB: Please remeber you have to swich the led and the resistor from the diagram. Resistor and Led's anode goes to 3.3v and Led's cathode goes to PIN 16.

To make this step easier i've created a small board (made with Eagle) very simple and quick to install. I've also included 2 pinheaders to connect the UART without solderying any point.

You can find that PDF inside "RGH-BUTLER.rar" archive.



Install all the components into the board by following these 2 picts (upper and bottom side)



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The installation is very easy, just 5 solder points:

  • 3,3 V
  • 3,3 SB (SB means SouthBridge!)
  • TX
  • GND (Ground)
  • On/Off
Here they are the installation's diagram for both path and slim consoles

Xbox 360 Slim
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Xbox 360 Phat
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Now that everything is setted up and installed we are ready for the last step!


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The Butler need to be used with an UART reader, i've used CK3i by TX but you could use the CK3 Pro or any simple UART. We've also tried by using the Maximus Lizard but it didnt work, we will try to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Now we need to connect both GND and RX to our Butler, and later we connect the UART to the PC

As you can see i've used a simple CK stock cable modded with 2 wires (RX and GND) that goes to the Butler pinheaders


Lets now check what COM port was assigned to our UART.

Now before using the Java GUI (made by sk1m0), there are a few things we need to set up. First of all install both Java JRE and Java JDK (x86 or x64, depends by your system).

Now extract the archive named "ch-rxtx-2.2-20081207-win-x86.zip" and copy all the files inside java directories by following this scheme:

- rxtxSerial.dll --> C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk*\jre\bin
- rxtxSerial.dll --> C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre*\bin
- rxtxParallel.dll --> C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk*\jre\bin
- rxtxParallel.dll --> C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre*\bin
- RXTXcomm.jar --> C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk*\jre\lib\ext
- RXTXcomm.jar --> C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre*\lib\ext

NB: "*" is the Java version you have installed.

Now lets open "GUI JAVA"  (from RGH-Butler's archive) and connect both the Xbox360 Power supply and the cable from UART to BUTLER.

If everything worked well you should be able to see the UART COM PORT, select it and click "OPEN PORT"


We are now ready to use the butler :)

Click on "NEWTEST"


Compile all the fields with your installation details:

  • CPLD FILE: The bitstream you've used
  • Cable lenght: CPU-RESET Cable Lenght
  • Resistor: Resistors FIX we have applied
  • Capacitor: Capacitors FIX we have applied
Now click on "CREATE" and the program will make a new dataset with your custom information, now just turn the console on and wait till the butler completes his job.

NB: Turn the console on ONLY after the Butler's Led is ON.

After the first manual power-up the butler works like this:

  • Boot after X glitch cycles
  • Shutdown
  • Wait 5 seconds
  • Automatically power-up
  • Repeats the previous steps for8 times if the J2 is OPEN, viceversa if J2 jump is CLOSED the steps will be repeated for 20 times.
If the console boot takes over 4 minutes (240 seconds) it will be automatically turned off and on to continue the process. If the same thing happens for 3 times than the test will be over.

Here it is a screen made with a Slim Trinity, i've tried both 8 and 20 cycles, changing cpureset lenght from 50 to 55cm


Nel programma inoltre possiamo salvare l'intero LOG in file BUT che poi possono essere ricaricati in futuro nel programma, se questo non bastasse c' anche una funzione che esporta tutto il contenuto in un PDF formattato ad-hoc!

The program also offer you many other interesting features, for example you could export the result into a LOG files (that can also be imported lately), or even to export the result into a PDF file


Here it is a screen for the setup form where you can customize many other features.


It's done, hope you have enjoyed reading it, Happy Hacking :)

Credits to:
- primo1337 and sk1m0, from XBOXHACKS.DE (http://"http://www.xboxhacks.de/")
- XboxHacker BBS (http://"http://www.xboxhacker.org/index.php")

Thanks to Titty for Initial Beta Tester.
Thanks to  pocoyo2 for build the PCB.
Thanks to Di4b0lik for English translation.

Tutorial Made by Stryp e zeruel85 for www.consoleopen.com (http://"http://www.consoleopen.com")
La riproduzione anche parziale senza il consenso degli autori vietata

The original can be found here: http://www.consoleopen.com/forum/console-hacking/13627-rgh-butler-v1-0-step-step-tutorial-english-version.html#post172621 (http://www.consoleopen.com/forum/console-hacking/13627-rgh-butler-v1-0-step-step-tutorial-english-version.html#post172621)
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