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Title: Two new sections open for HC.org
Post by: Razkar on 11 October 2012 à 21:18:49
I'm very proud to announce today the opening of two new sections for the website :
The first is a forum  (http://homebrew-connection.org/forum/index.php)where you will be able to discuss about :
- the news articles (the comments will now be done directly on the forum which is more appropriate for discusion than the mainpage),
- ask for help,
- report bug(s) for xbox applications (you can do this in french or english) they will be forwarded to the concerned developer,
- speak about what ever you want.
The second is a files (http://tinyurl.com/9jfaloj) download section where you will be able do browse differente categories and easily download what you want. If you need a file which is not uploaded yet, feel free to contact a staff member directly on the forum.

Actually the site is mainly Xbox 360 oriented, because it's what i like and what i have time for, but if someone want to help and handle a part of the ps3/psp/wii side feel free to contact us.

Hope you will enjoy these two new sections of the site as much as us :D

Huge thanks to Aioros, BestPig and Swizzy for their help and support.