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yeah that`s the problem, idk why it happened, i do all steps right
i send log to you PM.

What did you use to dump it? simple 360 nand flasher? if so - try a different USB memory...

Thank you Swizzy for your reply.

I'm not sure if I have a Corona. I have no clue how to find it out as well. I followed step 4 to the t.

Is there a way to find out what model I have? Sorry for the stupid question.

Let xeBuild GUI decide for you, does it not decide for you? then take a look at the CB field, that it should show you, then take a look in the table listed in the guide

Dr. Gonzo, you the man!!  ;D

Thanks, I've finally been able to move forward and now have a updflash.bin using the step 4 that you so kindly referred me to.

However, when I do try to flash that updated bin file with my nand flasher (which I downloaded from HC), I get the text, "You are about to flash image that don't contain spare data to a machine that requires it. Press start continue if you know what you are doing."

When I continue. It gives me an error.

Error game:\updflash.bin - size 50331648 is not a valid image size,

And then 5....4.....3.....2......1 shuts down.

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?  :(

You built a Corona4G image for a non-Corona4G console (are you sure you have a Corona in the first place? if so - it's NOT a 4G model and should be natively supported by xeBuild GUI without any special tricks)

Personally, i recommend including it at build-time, and just download the fuses from xell and it'll get the appropriate LDV for you automatically...

For best "solution" in your case i would recommend going a bit further tho, dump current nand using hardware, erase the nand 2 times (all of it) so nandpro usb: -e512 twice, then build a nand using the settings to not remap the image, writing that and taking note of what blocks failed to write followed by remapping those manually (or dumping again and rebuilding using that image) followed by writing the resulting image...

This makes your console really start fresh... once you've confirmed it's fully functional you can delete everything except for your key and the last image you wrote

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Software / Re: gta mod menu
« on: 06 September 2016 à 18:39:06 »
It's called Dashlaunch, and we don't support cheaters wanting to go Online on Xbox Live which is the only multiplayer mode for GTA

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Hardware & Technical / Re: RGH NAND Update
« on: 15 May 2016 à 17:22:36 »
Can you tell us what motherboard and kernel version you have, and provide links to the chip you have?

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This is somewhat dangerous tho, if possible go for the PostFix adapter, they're relatively easy to find and not terribly expensive...

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i did as mentioned but my xbox stop working. can somebody help me with my rgh Xbox 360 slim , i tried to update to 17502 but i installed the wrong nand to my Xbox . now its not booting the xell . it will run with the green light and the fun for 15 sec then the red light coming.. any suggestion? thanks in advance.

It's neither booting XeLL nor Dash? that's kinda akward, did you accidently flash a dump from another console? send me your cpukey and a dump made BEFORE flashing aswell as the one you flashed and i'll help you take a look at what went wrong

Hello to everyone, i really need your help my Xbox 360 Slim is showing me E71 error after i flashed it. When i select to "quit" Aurora and view my Xbox 360 Dashboard the error appears. I tried to follow the guide step by step carefully.
Something else when i was dumping it gave me two bad sectors, but i read it wasnt a really a problem.
If you need something more, please let me know. Thank you so much.
Send me your dump + simple 360 nand flasher and i'll help you fix it, there was a bad write on one or more of the blocks storing "dash.xex" data

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Launch a game or a title, if there's a need for an update it'll ask you to accept it

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Xbox 360 General Discussion / Re: need of some help
« on: 23 December 2015 à 15:14:50 »
I would like some help with my xbox 360 corona 4gb but it doesnt have HDD
I tried to update the kernel version
i followed all the steps correctly
then it said it will restart in 5 seconds
while it was restarting everything froze for like 5 mins
i powered off the console and turn it back on
it gave me a green light
after 20 seconds RED LIGHT !!
what should i do ?
Well, if you follow a guide for RROD you'll see how to get hold of the actual error code that will tell us what exactly is wrong, you'll either way be needing to gain hardware access to the MMC points so you can reflash it withhardware...

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Trying to follow this guide to update the kernel/dashboard on my RGH.
Followed step one, but ran into a message about a bad block.
Is this going to be a problem?

Going ahead onto step 2 anyway.
I shut down my 360 and turned it back on by pressing the eject button to boot into Xell.
Got my CPU Key on screen, and managed to pick it up over the network with xeBuild GUI too.

Onwards to step 3 now!
Everything seems to check out properly here.
It suggest Jasper 16MB, and I know my machine is a Jasper, so that's good.
I've selected Jasper 16MB on the left side now.
I know I have RGH1.X, but I don't know if I should select ECC or Freeboot. Is there an easy way to find out?

I've updated the tutorial with some additional information, the badblock you're seeing is nothing to worry about as it's just a single one, you're going to want to select Freeboot as the image, i've updated the table to reflect that :)

Unimportant: I know the error code is not from a retail console but I don't have dashlaunch as an active software component on the console. I just got the rgh, configured a brand new HDD as internal and installed xexmenu. Been running everything from there but at this point I see it may be easier to work with the full "standard" pack of programs Dashlaunch, FSD, F3.

That's the thing, Dashlaunch isn't installed on your HDD, it's installed in your NAND, and the error is part of Dashlaunch... what you call "Dashlaunch" is actually the installer/configurator, which isn't required to be on the HDD for Dashlaunch to work, it's only used to change the settings once DL is installed...

No, no, the message appeared Mid game, not launching the Xbox I truly have no Idea what could have caused it. (but I suspect is corrupt data as the DR. said, will have to find another copy of the game)

But I hadn't had the problem again since I updated the avatar patch, admitedely havent played it much and will have my camera ready if you are interested and happens again.

Thanks again for everything.

Well, when it happens mid-game it's 9 out of 10 times either a bug in the game causing it (fixed by a TU, or even caused by a TU at times) or corrupt/modified data... check your game data!

Sometimes not having the Avatar data installed will cause problems in games, so it's always a good idea to install it... and yes, the message is like i said a part of Dashlaunch... it's not a message that appears on a retail/original Xbox 360

there's also the fact that I do not run FSD and thus neither do have Dashlaunch.

That's incorrect, this message ONLY appears when Dashlaunch is installed and you have "exechandler" enabled

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