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New a new device released - Maxlander
a useful tool to backup and share skylanders characters ,
and can play download skylanders characters for free
detail from Maxlander.net:

Skylanders Characters & Magic Items Free Download

Here are 300+ Skylanders Characters and Magic Items for download , All is free,
(include almost all Rare/Limited Characters data)

Download Link

i checked that the skylanders characters and magic item data available download now,
there are more than 300 characters data, include and rare and limited characters ,
don't need buy characters one by one in the future:
download page:

Wii General Discussion / Re: Skylanders Enhancer
« on: 02 June 2015 à 12:10:43 »
it seems a new device called maxlander will release,
news from Maxlander.net
The MaxLander can allows for users to backup their NFC toys, basically you put the original toy on the device, read the data, and then using small NFC Token that you can purchase in packs of 5 from Maxlander you can write back the data, or before you do there is various tools out there already allowing you to modify the characters stats, give it max. power, skills, etc. without the need to grind thru the game to build up your character.

can i play my friends' characters and don't need take the characters to my home with the maxlander?

Skylander Editor v2 tool has backup, restore features,
and the skylander backup system -Maxlander has the same ,
but it will will cost US$50+,
any one has some suggestion, maxlander official store:

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