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OMG it was a USB issue...

Many thanks Swizzy your site and info are invaluable :D

That's odd, if you get that error with a Falcon it's likely caused by a bad dump...

Normally this error message is only displayed for 4GB Corona's which would have RGH 2.0 always (the reason for that is because the dump size isn't supported and the image itself doesn't contain any spare data...

I'd recommend that you re-dump your console using Simple 360 NAND Flasher and load this dump instead of whatever one you've currently got...

Thanks for the heads up Swizzy, I'll give that a blast :)


I'm trying to update to the latest dash (16547) and I've got to the part were I go into the xe build to load in the nand but I'm getting the error message stated in the subject.  From another post I know to say no the the error questions, but I can't find out my build type!

In the CB Vers box it reads N/A! So is there any other way of finding out the build type?

I've checked in Dashlaunch and its reads "Glitch" were it tells me my motherboard (falcon) but I don't know what build type that relates to if any!

I'm really sorry if this is a noob question but I've dug around a bit to try and establish my build type but as I stated I'm a complete noob to this.

Many thanks guys :D

If off to do my 500 lines and detention now for being a noob  :-\

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