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Hello, finally it done  :cool: .... THANKS To both of you @Dr.Gonzo @Swizzy  :)
i figure out what`s the silly mistake i have did, i always format USB flash drive through Xbox, so when i plug it into PC, there is no space left on it, about 3MB, so when i transferred simple 360 nand flasher and re plug USB into Xbox and try to  dumping Nand Image, it always be 3MB cuz that`s the space left on USB.
so i format USB through PC and transferred simple 360 Nand flasher and re plug USB into Xbox, all were good dumping NAND and Upgrading.
that mistake happend cuz you have to format it through Xbox when u put XeXMenu1.2 into xbox, so i thought to make USB readable on Xbox you must format it throught Xbox.

Maybe something is going wrong in dumping of your Nand image. Try it again with another Usb Stick
i will Try it again with another Usb Stick.

What did you use to dump it? simple 360 nand flasher? if so - try a different USB memory...
Yes, i used Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b BETA, i will try with another USB memory.

yeah that`s the problem, idk why it happened, i do all steps right
i send log to you PM.

i PM u with cpukey, but i cant upload image here, it keep saying large size for upload.
PM me with ur gmail

i`m new to this, i googled a lot but was useless, i have Xbox 360 Trinity 250GB (12V-10.83A) (i think it is Trinity)
Current Dashboard: 2.0.17150.0
Current DashLaunch version: 3.14 (571)
i`m trying to update it to Latest Dashboard (17511), but i keep got this error  :'(
Thanks for your help

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