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Your Xbox 360 didnt boot again ?
Im not really sure what is going wrong. Maybee in the dumping process something is crashed. If you had no Backup of your Xbox 360 Nand, you can use a donor Image from other Xbox 360. You need a hardware flasher (you have to solder) to flash your Xbox 360 Image back to your Xbox.

At default dashlaunch is blocking all Xbox Live servers. If you need a reatil update install it from usb.


The attached file is from Xbins for (WD) 320 Gb Hdd.

Take HDDS.bin files from trusted places, like xbins, Eurasia.

Xbox 360 General Discussion / Re: I need help fixing bad blocks
« on: 26 February 2017 à 21:11:03 »
If you create a new Image, XeBuild (GUI) should recognize your Bad Blocks and remap your Bad Blocks by default. If not you had to remap your Bad Blocks by yourself.

Please dont switch with your questions to different Threads. Otherwise we are lose the overview !

Maybe something is going wrong in dumping of your Nand image. Try it again with another Usb Stick

I need a correct dumped Nand Image. Your Image hath didnt the correct Image size. Its 3.368Kb big, but it must be have a size arround 16.xxx Kb. Thats the reason XeBuild GUI Can not recognize your Console type, because the size of your Image is not correct.

Upload your Image to One Click Hoster and PM`ed me your Link.


Upload your Image and PM`ed me your CPU Key. I`m building a new fresh one for you.

Take a view into Dashlaunch, it shows you what kind your 360 slim is . Upload your last RGH Image & PM`ed me your CPU Key. I build a new one for your.

At first you have a RGH not a JTAG Xbox 360.

Did you download XeBuild GUI from a trusted source (like HC) ?
XeBuild GUI cant handle Corona Images, thats the reason it didnt show you any information about your Keyvault data. Take a look into the Guide on the first site "Step4 Specific information for Corona with 4GB Internal memory", there are special Infos, how you build a RGH Image for your Xbox 360 Corona.

Xbox 360 News / New Systemupdate 2.0.17511.0 out now
« on: 17 November 2016 à 19:33:24 »
Microsoft release today the new Systemupdate 2.0.17511.0 for Xbox 360 retail units. It contains some minor bug fixes and improvements. There are no known problems associated, with ODE & flashed  Units.

One more thing ,if you can spare. Do you recommend inclusion of the dashlaunch plugin  in the created xeBuild GUI version 2.098  file or would you go for a manual install? after.

You can do as you want, it makes no difference.

Its important to take a look in the XeBuild GUI log for error messages, before you flash your Image to your Xbox 360. If there are no error messages and you habe choose the correct settings, you get in most cases no problems.

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