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DashLaunch / Re: DashLaunch Bug Report
« on: 02 November 2016 à 00:29:22 »
Not really a bug but could dash launch be made so that a button press on boot will reset the video mode to SD resolution?

I have a 720p only tv and when I switch to another tv and the mode changes to 1080p and then I come back to my other tv I get no picture and I have to take it to another force the mode to 720p and bring it back to my original TV.

if you have a retail console and you hold a button on the controller on boot it reboots the console  reverts the video mode but as dash launch takes control here I believe it messes with this feature.

unless I'm doing something wrong and someone has another solution ?

Xbox 360 News / Re: Quake3-360 V1.0 : first Quake 3 port for xbox 360
« on: 28 December 2012 à 09:44:48 »
this works great thanks heaps but i cant invert the right thumb stick is ther some way to do this?

DashLaunch / Re: DashLaunch Bug Report
« on: 13 November 2012 à 05:52:10 »
Yip that sorted the problem thanks it was the xbdm plugin causing problems.

Using the remove flash launch from memory does not unload the plugins so i have worked out it is all fine now thanks for the help :-)

DashLaunch / Re: DashLaunch Bug Report
« on: 08 November 2012 à 11:38:58 »
Motherboard : Trinity
Hack : RGH
Kernel Version : 16197 15574 14719 and possibly others
Dashlaunch Version : 3.04 and 3.03 know not working other versions also had fault
Loaded dashlaunch plugins : xbdm, ftpdll0.4, fakeanim0.6
Loaded FSD3 plugins : FreestylePlugin
Nature of the bug : Game wont load with dash launch is installed to flash crashes with blank screen after kinect intro.
What you were doing when the bug occured : Trying to run the game "Once Upon a Monster" from dvd, harddisk, from fsd or original metro dash.
Other notes that might help : Un installing dashlaunch from flash and rebooting console allows game to operate as normal.
Exiting to system settings via mini blade causes console to lockup with blank miniblade after game is crashed.
using option to skip kinect health intro also causes same fault but does not display kenetc intro.
Unloading dash launch plugins or removing default boot to FSD3 Failed to fix problem.
Loading dash launch to memory without install to flash game will boot as per normal.
Installing dashlaunch to flash and not rebooting alows game to boot as normal but after reboot fails to gun game again.

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