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Maybe the bad blocks were not moved correctly. Please post your flashing log from simple nand flasher.

Xbox 360 General Discussion / Re: Disc's Region
« on: 28 November 2015 à 19:47:59 »
On Xbox 360 retail units you have no chance, to switch to another region,  without much effort. (JTAG, RGH, or replacement of
appropriate Motherboard & DVD Drive).

You need a Hardware Flasher to flash your Image back. Perhaps you have near you a modding shop, or you find someone which  takes over the work for you.


Okay...thank you for the quickly answer..just one thing, can i deleet the Rgh ? it can run with out ?

You can separate the RGH solder joints, and flash your retail Image back again.  After that ,you can then use them as regular console again.

You can try to install the Avatar Data again. You can use our  17349 Systemupdate we have stored in HC Database.
Sometimes it helps to delete all the stuff in the cache folder too.


Currently there is no need to update. No Game required the new 17489 dashboard. Also there is no new original XeBuild version(GUI) out in the wild.

I'm currently trying to update my kernel (I've been told that the "fatal error intercepted" midst game can be fixed with this)

Fatal Crash Intercepted can not only be connected to a outdated Dashboard. In the most cases  wrong Dashlaunch Settings, or Dashlaunch Plugins, bad & corrupted Game Data could be the reason too.

Xbox 360 News / New Systemupdate 2.0.17489.0 out now
« on: 17 September 2015 à 20:31:55 »
Microsoft release today the new Systemupdate 2.0.17489.0 for Xbox 360 retail units. It contains some changes in the areas of Accept Terms of Use, Activity Feed, Microsoft Movies & TV, Groove Music, and Marketplace.  Currently there are no known problems associated, with ODE & flashed  Units.

Xbox 360 General Discussion / Re: need of some help
« on: 31 August 2015 à 19:23:30 »
In most cases the error occurs, if your DVD Modell is modded by someone else. Can you show us your building log ?

Xbox 360 General Discussion / Re: need of some help
« on: 24 August 2015 à 00:14:29 »
Either build by yourself, Modding Shops, Ebay, and so on. But its not noob friendly, because you have to solder on the Xbox 360 Motherboard. I think its better, you are looking for someone in your area (friend, modding Shop), which settled the work for you.

Xbox 360 General Discussion / Re: need of some help
« on: 23 August 2015 à 22:29:46 »
You cant reflash your 360 E over USB. There are two reasons why not:

1. You have re flashed your 360 with a retail Image. The retail Image have overwritten all your RGH data (and Xell).

2. Your Xbox 360 E Modell is a (MMC) Corona type.  Xbox 360 E Coronas can only read Data over Xell, but not write your MMC from USB Media. This only works for Nand consoles.

You need a SD/MMC Read/Writer to re-flash your 360. And the re-flashing of your MMC, has nothing to do, with your HD of your Xbox 360 E.

Xbox 360 General Discussion / Re: need of some help
« on: 23 August 2015 à 21:02:16 »
At first, please stop to spamming full the Forum with your questions !

You have to build your correct RGH2 Image at first and flash it to your 360. If you use a 360 Phat you can use a USB/SPI Flasher. If you use a 360 with MMC, (Slim Coronas), you need a MMC/SD Card Reader/Writer. For the flashing process you can use the XeBuild GUI, from Swizzy. The Forum & Internet is full of Guides, that describe the update process in detail.

Xbox 360 General Discussion / Re: need of some help
« on: 23 August 2015 à 19:26:43 »
If you have flashed inadvertently a retail Image, you need a hardware flasher, to flash your RGH Image back to your Xbox 360 RGH.

Kernel    : 2.0.17349.0
Console   : Trinity
NAND size : 16MiB
Build     : Retail

You have made a small but decisive error, you have build & flashed a retail Image.

You have probably flashed a faulty Image (Did you ever looked into the XeBuild log ?) to your JTAG/RGH Unit. If you dont have access to Xell, you have to flash your correct JTAG/RGH Image, with a hardware flasher to your 360 Unit.

Maybe you have a little to wait. Once the name of the Game DVD is visible in NXE (tile) Dashboard, you have to press X (Game Details). A new Dashboard Screen (Overview) should pops up with two options, playing now & install.

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