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Xbox 360 General Discussion / Why my XeLL not appear?
« on: 31 May 2013 à 22:28:18 »
Well folks, I'm new here but I understand many things about the Xbox 360, but I have not been able to learn about the Xell / Reloaded, so far I only know that it is something that Linux was just that. But that's not the case, my problem is this ...
I have Xell and I saw Mupen64 for the same, I downloaded the files and such, just that my Xell not appear after this disappointment, I stopped trying, and today I'm here again to ask a simple internet response because my Xell does not open? I've also been reading that the image can be NAND and etc.. I do not know any of this, the maximum that I know just how to do it, if anyone knows about my problem, please respond. Thank you.

Reset Glich (if this glitch have a version, i don't now this version)
Corona V2 (according to my DashLaunch)

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