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Author Topic: JTAG/RGH must have applications  (Read 92171 times)


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JTAG/RGH must have applications
« on: 29 September 2012 à 22:33:14 »

PC Applications :
Exiso GUI : an application that allows extraction of xbox ISO and ISO creation from a folder containing extracted files.
ISO2GOD : an application that allows GOD (GameOnDemand) conversion of xbox ISO.
GOD2ISO : an application that allows xbox ISO conversion of GOD (GameOnDemand) Games.
Party Buffalo Drive Explorer :  an application that allows browsing xbox's HDD.
QuickBoot : an application to shortcut xex file on the NXE
Usb Xtaf : an application that allows browsing xbox's xtaf partiton of USB drive/key.
xeBuild : command line app to build hacked image.
xeBuild GUI : a Graphic User Interface for xeBuild with more features too.
RGLoader : a devkit image nandbuilder.
360 Flash Dump Tool : an application to open, show info and edit xbox's nand image
NandPro : a commandline operation to read/flash your xbox's nand
nandMMC : an application to read/flash corona 4gb motherboard nand
Xbox 360 Content Manager : an application to manage live/pirs files

Xbox 360 Applications :

DashLaunch: an app to select a XeX or CON file you want the console start. This app also allow you change the xbox 360 behaviour.
XeXMenu: an application to browser drive and launch XeX.
F3 : Alternative dashboard to NXE.
XM360 :  an application that allows LIVE files unlock.
Simple 360 nand Flasher :  an SDK application to read/flash your xbox's nand.
Rawflash : an SDK application to flash your xbox's nand.
NXE2GOD : an application to unlock NXE ripped games (no more disk check)

SDK (launch throught FSD/any xexloader)
▪ Xbox1 : xbox1hacked emulator
▪ NES : FCE360
▪ SNES : SNES360
▪ Master System : SMS360
▪ Mega-Drive : Genesis360
▪ PCEngine : PCEngine360
▪ MAME : MAME360
▪ FinalBurnAlpha : FBAnext
▪ PS1 : FreePSX
▪ Dos : DosBox
Multi-Emulator : RetroArch
▪ ScummVM : ScummVM360 : An implementation of LucasArts S.C.U.M.M. interpreter
▪ Amiga : Amiga360

libXenon (launch throught XeLL)
▪ N64 : Mupen-360
▪ PS1 : PCSXR-Xenon
▪ Master Sytem : Sega Genesis Plus GX

Video Player : XMPlayer
Music Tracker : milky tracker

Homebrew Games
RAWx360 : port of the engine used in the game  another world
Réminescence : port of the engine used in the game Flashback
Exult360: port of the engine used in the game UltimaVII
Super Mario War Super Mario multiplayer game.
OpenJazz360 : port of Jazz Jackrabbit engine
xBermuda360 : port of the Bermuda Syndrome interpreter.
OpenBOR360 : game engine for playing fan mades beat them all.
Rick360 : an Xbox 360 port of xrick (which is an open-source clone of Rick Dangerous) [Thanks to professor_jonny for the file ]
Quake3-360 V1.0 : First Quake 3 port for xbox 360

If you want to add some applications in the list, please contact a staff member.
If you need support on one of these apps, please search the forums or make a new thread.
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