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PS3 CFW 4.XX+ F.A.R. (Full Auto Resigner) Script v0.5b is Released


Following up on my previous update, today the developer decided to take his PS3 Resigner Script even further and came up with something he is very excited about - he present to you CFW 4.xx+ F.A.R. Script v0.5b (F.A.R. standing for "Full Auto Resigner" ^^).
Changes since previous Resigner Script:
Automatically unpacks, resigns, finds/adds "Content and Title ID" to package.conf and repacks .pkg files (Just drag and drop your .pkg file on the "CFW 4.xx+F.A.R. Script (Drag Here).bat")
 Automatically detects if the input file is an EBOOT.BIN and is able resign DISC and NPDRM EBOOT.BIN's (Drag and drop the EBOOT.BIN on the .bat and select DISC or NPDRM at the prompt)
 Automatically makes a .BAK (backup) of your original EBOOT in it's source folder.


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