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Author Topic: PKG ToolKit GUI 1.40 Released – Added Option For Debug/Retail And Added AllUnpkg  (Read 4645 times)


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Developer $n!pR has updated PKG ToolKit GUI to support naehrwert’s scetool which allows you to encrypt and decrypt ELF and SELF files. This application needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4 to run.
Quote from developer this is my GUI for the signing tools from geohot. I might expand it to include other tools later. Tested working with the couple apps I made so hopefully it works just as good for anyone else who wants to try it

- [Version 1.40]
- Added AllUnpkg tool.
- Can now decrypt retail and debug packages.
- Option of creating debug or retail packages.
- Changed how log output is handled.
- Autodetect Title ID of PKG.

Source News : PS3HAX

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