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Author Topic: Nintendo Wii U Teardown  (Read 3688 times)


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Nintendo Wii U Teardown
« on: 21 November 2012 à 11:20:16 »

The Wii U is available in two versions: the basic and deluxe kits. The basic kit comes in white, while the deluxe is black. Both are glossy. The deluxe console gives you 32GB of on-board storage (eMMC NAND) vs. 8GB for the standard model. The deluxe kit also includes a stand and cradle for the Wii U tablet GamePad as well as a stand for the console itself.

You can read more at the source

Source News : ANANDTECH

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Re: Nintendo Wii U Teardown
« Reply #1 on: 21 November 2012 à 15:28:45 »

33.0 Watt on Super Mario. If the CPU/GPU cooler would be big enough,
you would be able to spare the fan.


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