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Warning - Always Back up your Original Skylander read
--- Quote ---How to use Skylander Editor

Before I get into how to use the Skylander editor I think it is worth clearing up some information about it.

This tool will NOT:

    Let you crack the game. It only works with legitimate Skylanders you have purchased and will not let you change one character type to another. It also won’t let you unlock areas you have not paid for.
    It may not work with Xbox portals – the code says this support is experimental. The author did not have an XBOX portal to test with but the code needed was inserted.
    It has another known bug. If you have never played with a Skylander it will say the data checksums are invalid – this is because new Skylanders don’t have checksums. This is fixed by putting the skylander on the portal while playing the game, this writes the checksums to the figure and it can then be edited or backed up.

This tool will:

    Let you back up your Skylanders for when a save goes wrong.
    Let you restore a character from a backup file.
    Let you experiment with different upgrade paths.
    If you are hardcore you can read the file specifications and use this to develop more advanced tools to change hats or change other Skylander attributes.

Here is how use the Skylander Editor v2 tool:

    If you haven’t played the online version of Skylanders you need to install the portal driver. In the bin directory run the file called spyrowebportaldriver.exe to install the portal drivers or download it by creating an account at
    The program works from a DOS command window. Type Editor.exe. This will give you a list of available commands.
    Place a figure on the portal that is connected to the computer.
    The command ‘Editor.exe r Figure.bak’ will back up your figurine to a file called Figure.bak in the same folder as the editor. You can use whatever name you want for the file but naming them after the figure makes the most sense.
    The command ‘Editor u Figure.bak’ will upgrade the skylander to max money and stats from heroic challenges.
    The command ‘Editor.exe w Figure.bak’ will write the modified(or unmodified) backup of your skylander from the backup file.

--- End quote ---

Download Link : Skylander GUI Download


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