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Author Topic: Jtag Falcon to Dual boot RGH info ?  (Read 3148 times)


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Jtag Falcon to Dual boot RGH info ?
« on: 22 November 2012 à 23:14:57 »

I have Been Jtagginf for some time and have Jtag'd around 30 consoles, i started back on the xenons and went up intil 8955 was introduced and stopped the jtag
Of course the RGH was found and now the world is our oyster
But as things stand i have a great Jtag that was Jtag'd from new and is in great condition
I want to be able to go Live on occasion and dont have a retail Xbox
So i was thinking of changing my Jtag to Dual boot RGH . its currently on the latest hacked dash (thanks swizzy for the GUI XEbuild)
I can find tons of tutorials for for RGH from scratch but nothing about what i want to do
As my box is running Homebrew half the job is done, i have plenty of info on my box and the nand, i will need to find the original nand maybe

I'm guessing its a case of gettin the components and wiring them in, flashing the newly made nand and all should be good
Or should i just save a few pennies and buy a 2nd hand live box ?
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Re: Jtag Falcon to Dual boot RGH info ?
« Reply #1 on: 22 November 2012 à 23:45:57 »

I Highly recommend that you do NOT do Dualboot on a Phat console, the reason is simple: RGH 2.0 is required for this (to be able to run latest retail atleast)

RGH 2.0 on Phat consoles is REALLY not stable...

For Dualboot i recommend using a Slim :)

But of course in your situation i would buy a second machine, it's not 100% live safe to be on live with a dualboot, so if you really want to play on live get a second machine just for that...
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