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Author Topic: Usb Loader GX Rev.1204 unoffical Release  (Read 3570 times)


Usb Loader GX Rev.1204 unoffical Release
« on: 01 December 2012 à 18:08:36 »

Hello a member of Rar-Network has done it again and compiled the latest revision from the svn.

Some introduction of USB Loader GX
USB Loader GX is a loader for wii and it's purpose is to allow playing your game backups from your USB drive.
It is based off of Waninkoko's original USB loader.

How to install or upgrade
1: Download the file
2: Extract the boot.dol file from one of the IOS Dir if not sure what IOS slot you want to use select IOS249, the path of the dol file should look like this, SD://apps/USB_Loader_GX/boot.dol
3: Safely remove the SD-Card and put in the Wiis SD-Card reader
4: Run Hombrew Channel and select the USB Loader GX

PS! Sorry for no pic. or desc. on it I will upload a file that you could add in the Dir of USB Loader GX in the SD-Card that will give you logo and every thing later

Update with use of a computer for other Official or unofficial releases
1: Download the Official or unofficial USB Loader GX you want to replace your existing with
2: Extract and replace you existing USB Loader GX boot.dol with the one you want
3: Safely remove the SD-Card and put in the Wiis SD-Card reader
4: Run Hombrew Channel and select the USB Loader GX

Known bugs
§1 When changing theme USB Loader GX Crash It seems to been some kind of random thing for in the latest priv. beta (from one of the offical dev. not for public use yet) it's working as it should without anything related to the theme modify

Report template is found below
Empty Template:
Show content
1: System menu version
2: USB Loader GX revision (don't just say "the latest one")
3: Exactly what you did before the bug and what the bug/error is
4: A photo of the crash message if any

Sample Template:
Show content
1: System Menu 4.2E
2: USB Loader GX rev.1204
3: I tryed to change the theme and USB Loader GX just freeze
4: N/A

Some great futures of USB Loader GX is:
Backup and play your Wii games using an external USB device.
Backup and play your GameCube games from SD card using DML (big thanks to the DML team!)
Homebrew & Channel launcher: Launch you favorite homebrew apps and channels from within the loader.
Supported Hard Drive format: WBFS, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2/3/4.
Supports multiple partitions at the same time.
Supports two HDD's on the same time (if rigth cIOS is installed).
NAND Emulation: Emulate your Wii internal memory and store the save games and channels to SD or USB (unlimited Wii memory space)

Image of the splash screen is in here
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Image of the USB Loader GX showing games
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The Credit window
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A video of USB Loader GX Rev.1204

Edit 08/12/12 because the known bug report ;)
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