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Author Topic: Open-Wiiflow-Mod rev.804(Wiiflow beta) unoffical release  (Read 2597 times)


Open-Wiiflow-Mod rev.804(Wiiflow beta) unoffical release
« on: 04 December 2012 à 13:27:03 »

Hello a member of Rar-Network has done it again and compiled the latest revision from the svn for Open-Wiiflow-Mod (Wiiflow Beta).

Some introduction of Wiiflow

Wiiflow is a loader for wii and it's purpose is to allow playing your game backups from your USB drive.

Change from Rev.803

Changed Paths:
Modify    /trunk/source/menu/menu.cpp
Modify    /trunk/source/menu/menu.hpp
Modify    /trunk/source/menu/menu_system.cpp

-added automatic lists cache folder deletion if a different svn
revision is found in the wiiflow.ini from now on (untested)

Some great futures of Wiiflow is:
Launch Wii games from SD or USB device formatted to FAT32, NTFS, EXT2, and WBFS
Launch Gamecube games on SD via Dios Mios Lite
Launch Gamecube games on USB via Dios Mios or Devolution
Launch Wii and Gamecube games via real disc
Launch Channels from real NAND or emu NAND
Launch Homebrew apps and games
Launch classic emu games and movie files via WiiFlow's plugin system

Image of the splash screen is in here
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Image of the Wiiflow showing games
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The Credit window
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A video of Wiiflow Rev.803

PS!! pic. are from rev.803 but the layout have not changed
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