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Author Topic: Wii U already hacked by team fail0verflow ?  (Read 3234 times)


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Wii U already hacked by team fail0verflow ?
« on: 09 December 2012 à 01:29:53 »

The team fail0verflow just pushed a mysterious post on their blog titled '8 days' and as a content this series of numbers and letters :
According to a tweet from Marcan the 40 character hex string are SHA1 and not encryption keys ... but we still don't know if the checksum of an exploit, a vital part of the wiiu, the first bootloader etc....

About the '8 days' there is do possibility : first this can mean it took 'only' 8 days to hack the Wii U (it's correspond with the EU release of the Wii U in Europe (30November)) or it can mean they will reveal the meaning of this in 8 days.

Anyway this mysterious post definitly mean the hack of the Wii U seriously started.

More info soon
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Re: Wii U already hacked by team fail0verflow ?
« Reply #1 on: 09 December 2012 à 13:21:34 »

Does this mean the Wii U Side is looking closer for homebrew on it  :)
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