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Author Topic: Nintendo Parental Tool : remove the parental restricition on Wii/DSi/3DS easily  (Read 14455 times)


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After the release a few days ago of 3DS Parental Tool, Swizzy updated this application by adding Wii/DSi support. The Wii code is based on Marcan's code and the 3DS on neimod's code. Due to the support of Wii, DSi and 3DS (not WiiU yet) the software is renamed to Nintendo Parental Tool.
Nintendo Parental Tool

* Requirements *
- Microsoft .net framework 2.0 or later
- a Nintendo Console with parental controls active

* What does it do? *
- It'll generate the master key for you to unlock your parental locked Nintendo DSi (including DSi XL/LL), 3DS (including 3DS XL/LL) and Wii

* Credits *
- Thanks neimod for uploading the original source code: https://github.com/3dshax/ctr/tree/master/parentool
- Thanks Marcan (Hector Martin Cantero ) for making your Wii Parental reset tool open source :)
(the tool made by marcan can be found here: http://wii.marcansoft.com/parental.wsgi )

* Changelog *

- Nintendo Parental Tool
- Added Nintendo Wii and DSi key generation aswell
- Renamed the tool to Nintendo Parental Tool

- 3DS Parental Tool
- Initial Release which only generated 3DS Masterkeys

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