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Author Topic: Re: * Autogg by blaKCat 0.8.8  (Read 2915 times)


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Re: * Autogg by blaKCat 0.8.8
« on: 24 February 2013 à 17:34:31 »

thx for report i will try to.fix it later

Could you report full log?

I have problem with this version (as well as 0.8.7). After loading correct dump Autogg loads automatically cpukey and gather information about dump (for example KV, sets rgh type to Glitch and RGH1). The problem is that it doesn't set automatically Model, moreover my list for Xell Tipo is empty. That causes autoupdate through LAN to fail at this point. I have downloaded and tested version 0.7 beta 024 and after loading valid dump it sets proper Model and sets Xell to Reloaded. After auto updating this version to the newest the problem occurs. I can't find anything strange in log excepts this:
Code: [Select]
Nand valida
Model not detected or not compatible-Select it manually
Dump is from Trinity CB9188. Am I missing something?

PS. As long as we use here english, maybe tutorial link in the first post should lead to an english version of tut?

If I manually select Model and manually type Xell Tipo as 'reloaded' I can successfully generate nandflash.

I have noticed that on my other computer, everything works as it should. They are both Windows 7 SP1 x64, UAC disabled, both updated with Windows Update. The difference is that the working one is with W7 Pro, the other with W7 Home Premium. Probably some .nets or other runtimes are different. Do you have any tips for finding a solution?
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Re: * Autogg by blaKCat 0.9.1
« Reply #1 on: 05 March 2013 à 23:31:43 »


Lastests Version

0.8.8 rev 25





- Own NandXell RIP using RGH2. No more DGX Mode.
- You can now extract Corona4G Files Fcrt.bin and C-R.bin included.

0.9 languages Fix

- Fixed Flashing Xebuild Images Italian&French&Portugues Languages Bug.


0.9 rev 33 beta

- New NandXell = RIP .To Get Cpukey on any updated consoles (=>15xxx) without DGX or any other extra Hard. Using regular RGH/RGH2 glitch chips like squirt, matrix,stinger ,cr ...
- Key.bin & C-R.bin beta extractor for LTU firmware.
- Alternative mode to search console IP. Right click on button Ip-Search
- Reset parental code in Log.
- Autogg Variables Reset button. (Flasher issues)
- Improved Code


- New Dash 16203
- New Xebuild 1.07
- New DashLaunch 3.07
- Option de Erase Corona 4g Nand
- Code Improved.


- New Lan-FSD Read/Flash Nand and CpuKey retrieve Mode
- New Dash Lan AutoUpdate Function using new method.
- New Lan Avatars AutoUpdate.
- Selection alternatives Xells when build images (Xebuild & NandXell-Ecc).
  A- Reloaded
  B- blaKCat (Modded Reloaded to get Cpukey by Tv,Red,Usb,Lan,Com Monitor)
  C- Mini (Modded Reloaded by blaKcat with minimum code to get Cpukey to USB)
- Timer and Sound Alert on Com Monitor when Cpukey is detected.
- New way to create Dgx Nandxell (Ecc).
- New manual way to download Dash/Avatars
- Optimized GUI. Secondary commands on Menu.
- Code Improved.




- Dash Launch 3.06
- Option to manually Flash Ecc Dgx ( Menu > File > Flash Xell DGX)
- Freestyle v3 rev 483


- DGX Support (Thanks to TX)
- Code Improved


- Dash 16202
- Xebuild 1.06
- Dashlaunch 3.05
- Update  Xbox Apps Option
- Code Improved

- New DashLaunch 3.04  by c0z
- New Field to show  Loaded Nand Type (Retail,Rgh,Jtag)
- Now you can create Xebuild Nand from FullNand with NandXell inyected in first Mega.
- You can remove bootanim fomr Flash whn installing Fakeanim (Fixed)
- 360 Simple Flasher 1.2 by Swizzy Updated
- Code improved.


- New NandXell for Coronas to get Cpukey and copy to USb. Activate it in Options-NandXell ON
- DashLaunch 3.04 in XboxApps ( Now it will be installed correctly)


- New NandXell for Coronas is now Alternative and must be Activated in Options-Nandxell-Alternative
  This Xell has not Raw Flash Activated. Once got Cpukey, create Xebuild and Flash with Flasher
- Bug detecting Smc type (Jtag) * Fixed
- Now in AutoUpdate you can select Manually Ip Console ( routers problems)

Thanks to:
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