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Author Topic: What use RGH1 OR RGH2  (Read 4329 times)


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What use RGH1 OR RGH2
« on: 14 November 2013 à 23:22:35 »

Can someone explain pls when sould use RGH1 and when RGH2.
I have console slim 4Gb trinity and dash 15574. For all slim models is RGH 2 what i have read but i have prepare with xebuild the image from the original nand dumb (console slim 4Gb trinity and dash 15574) and i have select the RGH2 and the soft say me that the console not to work with RGH 2. I dont uderstand this problem. Explai someone pls. Thanks


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Re: What use RGH1 OR RGH2
« Reply #1 on: 15 November 2013 à 00:05:16 »

RGH 1.x is used for Phat consoles only (when they have that hack installed)

Slims can ALWAYS use RGH 2.0

Old slims (Trinity) can use etheir RGH 1.x or RGH 2.0
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