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Author Topic: "initializing" and formating before using HDDhackr?  (Read 2672 times)


"initializing" and formating before using HDDhackr?
« on: 24 November 2014 à 17:02:44 »

Friend bought a hard drive, I wanted to test hddhackr.  I worked perfectly, except when I tried to "undo" it.  Anyway long story short, had to exchange the HD.  It was brand new not initialized or formatted when I did this.  I have several questions so I can "undo" it in case I need too (which I doubt, but like to plan ahead).  So before I flash it do I have to:

1. "Initialize" it? (This was new to me as I haven't bought a HD since xp)
2. Format it? if so FAT32 or NTFS (I know it changes to FATX later when in the xbox)
3.  Or do I just do it the way I did before, open the package, plug it into a PC, flash it, and assume it was a fluke that I couldn't "undo" the changes I made.

Thank you!


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Re: "initializing" and formating before using HDDhackr?
« Reply #1 on: 24 November 2014 à 19:31:31 »

Connect the new HD Drive with your PC and the flash the Drive with HDDhackr & HDDSS.BIN. The HD should then run on the Xbox 360. Hddhackr save a UNDO.bin File on your USB Stick, If you want to use the HD later back, on your PC again.

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