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My Strange XBOX 360 S


Oea Tek:
The kids have a xbox 360 S whose DVD got broken so I took it apart and installed a new one by swapping the electronic board method. During the process I noticed an odd small electronic board with wires coming out of it and soldered to the xbox main board. I assumed it is an RGH hack and not a JTAG. The xbox plays backed up DVD's very well.

Sometime later the kids told me they have some (newer) games that wouldn't play because they required an update. I looked deeper into the xbox hacks in order to fix this. That is when I noticed that our xbox does not have xexmenu installed nor could I see any xell output on the AV out (not HDMI) no matter how hard I tried.

Can someone explain how I can get the CPU Key and how to reflash it after building a new kernel using xeBuild?

You can use our Update Tutorial. It explain the update & flashing process in detail.


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