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Author Topic: RGLoader tutorial : how to build a devkit nand for your RGH/Jtag xbox  (Read 3720 times)


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In this tutorial we will explain you how to create and flash a RGloader nand (to enable devkit feature) to you RGH/JTAG Xbox 360.

I : Preamble

 A: On the computer

Merge the "filesystem" and "loader" folder from the 15574-filesystem_0v305_BETA.rar archive and _RGBuild_Beta0v305_BETA archive.

 B: On the Xbox 360

Connect to your Xbox 360 throught FTP, and tranfers the files from the hdd-filesystems folder in filesystems at the root of you xbox Hard Drive, like on the picture.
You should have hdd:/Filesystems/15574-dev

Then transfer the wmv video (if you want to have a custom boot anim) and the RGLoader.ini at the root of the harddrive.
Note:you can put any wmv video as bootanim but be sure the name of the WMV match the name in the RGLoader.ini, you can also find some on Spiffy360

II : Building

Now launch RGBuilder Launcher.exe (if the builder don't work, be sure to have Microsoft .NET 4.5 or build the nand using command line (see IV) :

1 : Enter the CPUKey of your Xbox
2 : Select a nandump of your xbox
3 : Select the hack used to run unsigned code on your console.
4 : Select the kernel version you wanna use for the nand (15574 recommended).
5 : Click on RGBuild to build your nand

You should see something like :

And you will have your RGLoader nand at the root of the builder's folder

III : Flashing

You can use the soft of your choice (Nandpro, Squirter, Xbox Nand Flasher, Rawflash) to flash the nand, but for corona you will have to use nandpro or squirter because xell don't output video.

After flashing start you console as usual and you should have this =)

IV : Building using command line

For those who are having problems with the GUI, you can also build your nand using command lines.

Open windows command prompt, and go in the rgbuild (_RGBuild_Beta0v300_BETA\rgbuild) folder using the commmand "cd"

Then edit and use this command
Code: [Select]
rgbuild /1bl:DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA /cpu:[b]Your_console_CPUKEY[/b] /hack:[b]The_Hack_Of_Your_Console(RGH/RGH2/JTAG)[/b] /kernel:[b]Kernel_You_Want_to_use(15574) [/b]/guided [b]Path_of_your_consoles_nand[/b]

Press Enter =)

Then flash the nand as explained in part III
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