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Author Topic: wiiflow 4.0.3 + pluginPACK v6  (Read 10302 times)


wiiflow 4.0.3 + pluginPACK v6
« on: 22 October 2012 à 12:09:55 »


wiiflow 4.0.3 + pluginPACK v6

Wiiflow is a isoLoader for softmodded wii.
wiiflow 4.0.3 can:
1 run wii games (from sd,usb,disc (dvdx)
2 wbfs,fat32,ntfs support
3 Gc games support (Devolution and Diosmios (lite) )
4 Nandemulation (partial,complete,change region)
5 Plugin (snes,n64,cps1,cps2,neogeo,retroARCH,mplayerCE)
6 Homebrew launcher (from sd,usb)
ps=plugin,games,nandemulation is have COVER and BANNER emulation features

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So here is 4.0.3 for you guys, alot of changes were made again, wiiflow is faster, safer, more stable, etc.
I'll just copy-paste a few changes now in here:
-recompiled mload modules for hermes cIOS
-added sdhc module for hermes cIOS
-fixed booting wii games from sd card
-improved wii game support via sd card, now you can use hermes, wanin and d2x (not d2x only anymore)
-moved some more stuff to boot wii games into the external booter
-added gecko debug prints to external booter
-automatically disabling savegame emulator if you want to boot a wii game via hermes or waninkoko cIOS
-added new option to wiiflow.ini [GENERAL] section, "display_music_info" (enabled by default), if you disable it the information on top of the screen if music got changed will be hidden
-fixed fanart usage
-fixed not working force FAT (should fix dolphin-emu sd card)
-changed plugin INI system, check out the plugin pack v6
-FINALLY rewrote the game list creator code, the new one is faster and smaller, I cant promise its bugfree though :P
-fixed wiiflow autoboot feature (for programs like crap)
-made gprintf, fmt and sfmt a bit more safe
-fixed some important stuff in wiiflow itself, less corruption of the dol and more static stuff to get it back to stability
-fixed creation of the playlog
-fixed and changed the way Wiiflow checks for neek2o (uneek2o r92 beta 12+ req)
-fixed IOS reloading for Wii games in neek2o mode
-fixed Devolution support of memcard.bin's less than 16MB (Thanks Tueidj)
-fixed using .wip codes in wii games
-added support for wiiflow internal boot method in neek2o, so you can use cheats, debugger etc if you boot channels in neek2o (doesnt work if you are in real nand and just select boot neek)
-fixed using usb gecko debugger without cheats enabled
-fixed rebooting wiiflow with holding down b and pressing home twice
-some general cleanup and bugfixing stuff


PluginPack v6
(hidden channel v2 with aphbrot)

tnx to FIX94 for this fantastic LOADER!
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Re: wiiflow 4.0.3 + pluginPACK v6
« Reply #1 on: 26 December 2012 à 22:02:35 »

Thanks for this,will give it a look over
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