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Author Topic: Maximus SD Tool for Corona 4GB  (Read 4162 times)


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Maximus SD Tool for Corona 4GB
« on: 24 October 2012 à 00:07:28 »

The HC.org team is proud to announce the review of the lastest baby from Team Maximus : The Maximus SD Tool.

What is it for ?

This tool is a hardware solution to dump and flash the nand of 4GB Corona (a.k.a. Corona v2) motherboard because this kind of console are not compatible with the older nand dumping hardware (USB SPI) on the market. This solution can be reused but it's recommend to leave it installed for external updates (when the console is closed).

Package content :
The Maximus SD tool package include the following elements :
- A USB SD Reader
- A SD board
- A QSB solution for dumping/flashing the nand (on the right).
- A pinheader solution for dumping/flashing the nand (in the middle).
- Two flat cable (one for each solutions).

Instructions :
  • Installing the Hardware :
Solution 1 :
Solder the QSB on the motherboard as shown in the picture (remember to bridge JMP1), and attach the flatcable to the SDBoard.

Solution 2 :
- Solder the pinheader on the motherboard.
- Bridge the E$2 point.
- attach a Single wire from Oscillator to PIN 15 of the header.

Then plug in the connector of the female module and attach the flatcable to the SD Board

  • Dump/Flash the nand
Once all is soldered and you are sure you don't have a bridge between any of the pins/points, you can plug the power supply to your console (don't start it), then connect the SD reader with the SD Board plugged to your computer.

If your sodlering is OK, you should see a pop up message asking for formatting the device => DO NOT DO IT ! Press Cancel

Now use Swizzy's nandMMC to dump your nand like in the video below (watch in 720p)

You now have a nand dump from your console =)

You can use it to build an ECC image with you favourite AiO RGH Apps and flash it using the flash feature of nandMMC.

If you want detail on Maximus SDTool setup, you can check their official tutorial:

Conclusion :

Positives :
- It does the job perfectly as expected.
- Price : The RRP is 16$ for the package with which you will be able to use on two console (if you leave the installed parts) and you don't need to search for a compatible SD reader ... it's already included. i think it's a honest price if you want a ready to use solution..
- No need to mess with a switch, to enable read/write like the other solutions do.
- Good quality product.

Caveats :

- The Flat cable you take out of the console for external update is a little too short. I don't like to take out the flat cable by the back side ... i prefer using the side of the console, and the flat cable is a little too short for that :(

If you want to buy this product check out VGCRepairs or the official resellers
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Re: Maximus SD Tool for Corona 4GB
« Reply #1 on: 24 October 2012 à 09:44:45 »

Great Review ! It's actualy the best way to dump corona v2 !
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